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The 2015 function of graduation was celebrated in the Vocational Training Center on 8 May. 150 women received their merit and completion certificate.

The function was held in the basement of the neighboring building. more than 400 guests, including high ranking members of the government, foreigner supporters, members of the literacy deportment, heads of women and men shora (Afshar District committees), students and their mothers participated.

The agenda of the function was totally prepared by students themselves, which shows their grown confidence and progress.

Students presented songs that described the condition of women and told about their country.


Latifa Ahmady, the Executive Director of OPAWC, presented a speech, where she threw light on the overall conditions of the country and about women who suffered from violence in different times, especially during the deterioration of women's conditions after the arrival of international forces and their professed commitment towards women during the last 14 years. Ahmady encouraged the women to show their presence and to defend their rights. She mentioned Farkhunda's brutal killing in the capital of the country and the sexual abuse of three years old girl in kundus province, crimes that will never been forgotten for centuries. she encouraged the women to take action and never lose hope in the face of the current conditions. She invited all women interested in becoming educated or wanting to learn new skills to come to OPAWC centers and promised the women that OPAWC is for them and will support them to stand on their own feet.

There were two marvelous theater performances, one in the opening of the function, showing illiteracy and darkness overcome by light signifying education and peace and inviting all women to follow the light of education and harmony.

In the second theater play towards the end of the function the students developed the story of Farkhunda and showed how religious mullahs deceive the illiterate women and all the people in order to receive money and act out brutality in the name of religion: A girl rises up among the the women wanting to help and make the women aware of the mullah's character, she argues with the mullah, but the mullahs claim that they are acting in accordance with the Quran. When the girl prevails over their arguments through her logical words the mullahs call the people, shouting that she burnt the Quran and is a prostitute. The illiterate men then attack the girl brutally, beat her and burn her alive. A moving poem was heard in the background that brought the audience to tears, while the flames of the fire consumed her body.

The function ended with the distribution of certificates and refreshments.