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Teacher's day was celebrated on 06/10/2012 in the Vocational Training Center (VTC).

This day was supposed to be held on 23rd of June2012, but the government of Afghanistan changed the date to coincide with the International Teacher day, which is celebrated all over the world.


OPAWC staff and students also celebrated this day and they were  happy and enjoyed themselves in the center.

While Teacher's day is an occasion to  celebrate, official statistics shows that around eight million of children have the opportunity to go to school but around three millions are deprived of going to school because of lack of security.

Some 40 attacks on girl's school have been recorded during the last year, which mostly happened in the north of Afghanistan. More than two thousand girls have been poisoned. Throwing acids on the faces of girl students is another painful issue which is very common in the country.

The ministry of Education of Afghanistan received most of the global support but is  still  the poorest of all  Ministries.

In the last three months the ministry of Eduction received 500 million dollars, but there is no improvement in the lives of teachers and students yet.

Around 190,000 Teachers who are busy in teaching live in rented houses in poor conditions. They have nothing except the low salary they receive from the government.